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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shrimp Curry

Someone's mother brought us a blast from his past last year - curry mix. She used to make it when he was a kid.

Last October, a friend brought me a whole mess of shrimp he'd caught, as a gift. They've been lurking in the freezer.

Last week, tired of soup, tired of rummaging through various remnants in the fridge and freezer, Someone said "Shrimp curry..."

And so we did.

We peeled and de-veined some shrimp together - he peeled, I de-veined - and I chopped some onion, carrots, and celery as well. I adore cooking with him - and I love the fact that he's an adventurous eater, will try anything once, and doesn't complain about my often cockeyed cooking. This time, I followed the directions because curry is a little out of my element in the kitchen. I've eaten it, just never made it before.

We had saffron rice and something called "Japanese Blend" vegetables from the freezer section to go with it.

May I say "Yummy!!" Because...yummy!!

We will be having it again.

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