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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Can, Can

I've been recording a show at Mum's, something on National Geographic about Doomsday Preppers. More on that some other time - I only mention it here so you have some idea why prepping has been on my mind of late.

We don't have a shipping container, or a building, or even a whole room dedicated to our preps. We have a closet. Hey, it's a start!

I wish I had some of those wonderful steel shelves - the shelves that Someone put into our closet are good, but they are wooden and are beginning to bow under the weight of canned and dry goods.

Canned and dry goods are at the heart of many a prepper's stores.

Which leads me to a big, fat, hairy minor complaint.

When I was a child, I remember stacking cans in the pantry. The bottom of one can fit neatly into the top of another, making it easy to keep them orderly.

What the hell happened??

These days, I have to perform a small animal sacrifice and chant a cantrip to get the soup cans to stack (I'm lookin' at YOU, Campbell's!)! The same with vegetables, fruits, broths - you name it, it won't stack nicely. Who decided it was a good idea to make cans un-stackable?? I'd like a word with that person...a word in my preps closet where I have to worry about unevenly stacked cans crashing down on my toes when I accidentally brush them with my elbow as I try to stack more cans.

If they won't change their wicked ways, I wonder if I can talk canned foods manufacturers into giving me a few dozen of those nifty can holders - you know, the ones where you drop the can in the top and it rolls down to the bottom where you pull it out when you need it? So you always use the oldest items first? Then I might be mollified...

1 comment:

HermitJim said...

One solution is to take a small strip of cardboard and lay it on the top of the bottom cans. That way you have a nice, flat surface to stack more cans on!

Just a thought!