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Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Eats

I know it was a few days ago, but I had to wait to post this until I could invade K2's house and glom onto her Internet to post these - birthday eats:

We worked together in the kitchen, something I adore. Country/Chicken (depending on where you're from) Fried Steak, mashed taties, white gravy, and fried, homegrown okra for dinner - yay for death on a plate! The potatoes were from a box, the gravy from a packet, but the rest was home made. I was at the stove with the meat and whatnot, and Someone ran the fryer.

Meanwhile, I made my new favorite cake, a many-flavored pound cake with many-flavored glaze. I got the recipe from Someone's mother, and I adore it. She gave me the bundt pan - it's got a family history - and the first time I used it (for Sprout's birthday), I didn't flour it and there was something of a cake tragedy - but it tasted just fine and everyone liked it. This time, I used Baker's Joy and I am a convert...look at how nicely it came out:

Y'all have no idea how freakin' amazing this cake tastes...the glaze soaks in and makes a sort of uber-moist, slightly crunchy, intensely flavored outer edge and bottom. Whooooeee.

For the most part, it was a quiet day - the Evil Genius was with his dad until late afternoon, Someone got up with Sprout so I could sleep in (which was awesome because I was up with her for four hours in the middle of the night), there were a few phone calls (the Evil Genius called and sang to me - awesome!!), and we watched random movies and chilled.

I don't feel any older...but one of my hips is acting like it's twice the age of the rest of me, and we need to have a serious heart-to-hip about that...

So what kind of day/dinner do you like for your birthday?


SciFiChick said...

So, can you share that recipe? I need a good cake!

darsden said...

Happy Late Birthday.. hope your wishes come true :-)

Holly said...

May the year to come be filled with more sweet surprises than your new favorite cake even holds!