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Monday, April 12, 2010

Jiggety Jig

We're home again.

We got home last night, but I was too tired to blog. Whew.

Hidden River? Beautiful site. Hot tub. Pool. Forest. River walk. Shaded, level campsites with power and water hookups. Indoor, flushing toilets and lovely hot showers. Clothing usually optional (this weekend it was not, because the event was open to the public. The lady who runs the place is feisty, fun, and has a tart sense of humor (she said she was going to keep me because I made her laugh)...I like her. Her daughter's a nice gal, too.

Sadly, the event was something of a bust in the numbers department. There were a few vendors, some terrific presenters, and a handful of attendees, but nothing like the numbers they were hoping for. We managed to have a lovely time despite selling very little for my friend. I think we may have had the best sales of the event, though, which is really sad.

Getting there was an adventure. The next time someone gives me directions that include "Drive for a while through a lot of nothing, then turn at the light with the Hardees on the left corner", I'm saving myself four hours of driving in circles wondering where the heck I am and Mapquesting it. Luckily, despite our four hour detour, Someone and I kept our senses of humor and managed to extricate ourselves from almost-the-middle-of-nowhere and get to the site, and we saw some lovely countryside while we were wandering. The thunderstorms didn't help any, though.

Set-up was fairly quick if not painless - too much caffeine and too little water combined with lack of sleep and unhealthy eating make for a visit to the woods halfway through getting the 10 x 20 up. Bleh.

We slept very well the first night...but the next morning had a rocky start. We woke to the vibrating thrum of an Air Force squadron landing on the van. Or, it could have been four-million and two mosquitoes. Huge ones. Hummingbird size, at least. And they wouldn't die when we smooshed them...they would rise up and taunt us! Mosquitonators! I risked life, limb, and my forty-acre butt to climb out and find the repellent. Once we were spritzed down, the critters left us alone, but not before trying to carry off the van.

Days were spent not selling anything, and evening were spent schmoozing with the other vendors and campers around the fire, drumming, dancing, and singing. Relaxing, that.

Yesterday we stayed open as long as we could...but packing had to happen, and we busted our butts to get it done. An ant bit my toe, but I soldiered on. We left late in the afternoon and were home just after ten last night, and today I'll be feeling that pack-out and drive...but they were worth it.

The cats were very happy to see us - they like Mum well enough, and the Evil Genius is their boy, but they missed their adult humans, and told us as much by holding us down all night and stepping on my face this morning. It's good to be loved.

Now, if you'll excuse me (and even if you won't), I came home to a jungle and have some planting to do...and it's too nice a day to just sit here blogging. How was your weekend?


HermitJim said...

Glad you had a good trip, even if you crapped out on the sales!

Folks just don't seem to be buying a lot lately, as far as craft things go.

Sign of the times, I guess!

Momlady said...

I'm soooo glad you are home.