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Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodbye, A. Nonny Mouse

I am suddenly being inundated by anonymous comments pimping online crap.

I really don't have anything against people selling themselves online - Russian mail order brides and Chinese inflatable adult novelties don't bother me a bit (although why you'd post a comment in a language not the same as the blog post is a mystery to me - how the hell is my average reader going to know what you're selling??) and I'm even OK with you trying to rook folks into spending their money on your pirated, legally questionable, virus riddled programs and crap (even parasites have a place in the grand Song of the Universe - dissonance resolved make harmony so much sweeter)...but I'm not OK with you doing it on my blog, with a readership I care about and don't want bothered with advertising I'm not being paid for (What? I'm not averse to turning some coin, and sidebar ads are easier to ignore if a reader wants).

If you want to advertise on my blog, then write me a polite, well written e-mail in ENGLISH (because I only speak three languages with fluency - English, Bad English, and Typo), and I may consider it.

All that said, I am disabling anonymous comments on this blog for a while...maybe even permanently. I'm tired of sifting through notification e-mails and seeing comments longer than my original post about stuff I don't want or need in my life (and isn't this blog all about me??), and I only have one beloved friend who posts comment anonymously...and she can e-mail me or call if she wants to say something to me (I love you, K darling).

If this chaps your ass, I am sorry...but your smooth cheeks apparently mean less to me than my sanity, serenity, and an irritant-free life.
Edit - Grr...I can't disable only anonymous comments, so I've opted to allow only registered or open ID users...if that's a pain or makes it impossible for people to comment (and I'm begging you, if you have any trouble commenting, please e-mail and let me know because your comments mean more to me than I can ever find words to express), I'll switch to word verification until I am home from the cruise, at which point I'll turn verification off and enable comment moderation instead...both of which are a pain in my derriere but better than those thrice-damned spammenters. Sigh.

I guess I could put a positive spin on this and view it as a compliment - my blog is worth spamming. It's an honor I can do without.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

'Tis all about you, M'Lady, 'tis indeed. I hope Ann A. Nymous giveth you no more grief.

Love ya!

cinner said...

I hate hearing this has happened to you. I have mine to only registered users but still have had the odd comment that can send me into a fit.Have a wonderful holiday. Take care.

Momlady said...

Too bad they can't make A. Nonny Mouse traps. I've gotten a couple myself and agree that it's an aggravation one can do without. But seriously, in a foreign language? Good grief! Whoever it is must be desperate.