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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...But First, To Sleep

Well howdy!
You know that nifty thing we call "sleep"?  Most folks do it pretty much every night for hours on end.

I used to.

Boy, oh, boy, do I miss that.

I slept some on Friday night.  A few hours.

Then I was up through Sunday, and not for lack of effort...er...non-effort?...on my part.  Then I slept Sunday night.  Haven't slept since then.

Yeah, me!

Not sleeping plays havoc with my appetite, my emotions, and my cognitive abilities.  There's a reason that sleep deprivation is popular among the torture set.  The last time it was this bad (worse, actually, but who's keeping score?), by the end of a week I could see the walls breathing, see flashes of light and color usually beyond human ken, could hear the whispers of creatures that weren't there, could hear voices from other dimensions, could understand languages never spoken by human tongue.  

On the plus side, I have certainly been catching up on my reading and watching of the Netflix, the cats are feeling very much loved because I pet them all night, and there are worse things than smelling of lavender oil (Mom gave me some - putting it on the soles of one's feet is supposed to help with the whole going to sleep thing).  Yeah, that's all I've got for the pluses.

So how's your sleep, these days...er...nights...er...whatever...?

1 comment:

noexcuses said...

I sometimes have nights where my sleep totals two or three hours, but I've never gone days without it. You poor thing! I have seen the walls move, and heard voices, and I've even seen people who were miles away, but I just figured it was normal for stressed out moms and such! I hope you find something that can help. Thanks for sharing your pain...sometimes just doing that can help a little!