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Thursday, August 21, 2014

What To Do, What To Do...

The morning started like this:

I'm still in bed, just got off the phone with a friend, trying to figure out how my day will go...or not...

I hear shrieks from outside, where Sprout has gone to frolic with the cats.

In the space between breaths I am dressed and have teleported out the door (it's one of the Mom super-powers we're issued when we have kids, only usable in case of emergency or blood-curdling shrieks.  Look it up in the handbook).  Sprout is at the foot of the stairs, sobbing.  She hears me open the door, turns her tear streaked face up to me, and clambers up the steps.

I pick her up, she leans against my shoulder, and between sobs tells me "Mumble garble grubbin dablo fuffle me!"
Me, in reply "Oh, dear.  Are you okay?"
"Mumble dablo warf garble way!"
"Diablo?"  I feel like I'm trying to understand Esperanto that's spoken backwards with a speech impediment.
"Was Diablo in the yard?"
"Did he scare you?"
"He was mean!"
"Did he bite you?"
"Did he growl at you?"
"He barfed at me and then he ranned awaaaa-aay!"
"Did he hurt you?"
"No, her hurted my feeeeeee-lings!"
"Oh...okay, then..."

Seem that the neighbor's dog, the dog that belongs to the cop?  Once again running loose.  He came into our yard, probably to harass the kitties or snarf the food I give them up on the porch.  Since Sprout adores the kitties, she probably tried to explain to Diablo that he shouldn't be messing about with them.  He barked, scared Sprout, and she shrieked, which made him bark again and run away.


I like Diablo.  He's a big old scaredy-dog, can't stand thunder or fireworks or loud noises and will run over here when he's hot, thirsty, scared, or lonely.  He's not a bad dog at all...but he's not my dog and he shouldn't be wandering about like that.  He frightens delivery people and workmen and anyone who doesn't know he's just a big baby.

Much as I may like him, something needs to be done.  I can't sit outside every time the kids want to go out and play, and I am loathe to let them out there without someone watching over them because of this dog.

Because Diablo's human is a police officer, I am loathe to have any dealings with him...which leaves me with animal control...but I don't think a dog should be punished for being, you know, a dog.

What's a gal to do?

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