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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So, How Was YOUR Day?

This was my morning.  While I am angry and tired and disgusted, I have tried very hard not to be guilty of hyperbole.  It may be a one-sided telling, but I believe I have a right to speak my piece, to tell of my experience, and that it should be expected that what I write is colored by my worldview, even when I try to be impartial.
Today the police came and searched my home because some anonymous person complained that there was pot here.  There was not.  The officers searched every room and broke a piece of furniture, made a mess on my bed, left doors open and lights on, messed with things on my altar, even rearranging some of them, questioned my son under the guise of friendly chatter, and left with...nothing.  Oh, wait, that's not true.  They left with, and I quote, "a speck of something that we'll have to test" from a plate they left behind the last time they were here and that I missed when I was cleaning the house after their last visit.

They intentionally waited until Someone was not at home to come in.  They TOLD me they knew he wasn't home, and later I found out one of them had followed him as he left, until he was on the highway.  They had NO warrant.  They would not tell me who made the complaint.  They told me I could not make any phone calls but relented when I let them know I was supposed to be taking a friend to the hospital and she needed to know I may be late or unable to make it. They wanted to know my friend's name and hovered over me so they could hear the call.  They didn't want me to answer when she called back.  They told me that I have no fourth amendment rights because Someone waived HIS when he got his bond and he lives here.  After I talked to my friend, they told me I could not call anyone else, and they didn't want me to move from the couch.  They demanded the combination to MY cash box (it's empty, but still...) and opened and rifled through MY camera case, dresser, closet, and night stand.

They searched places they searched before, places they'd left evidence behind last time but that, thanks to a friend, were now clean.  They never told me, last time, that they'd left evidence behind, and I am fairly certain they intended to come back today, "find" that evidence, and use it to create new charges that would, under local law, mean Someone spends the rest of his life in jail, period.  They were clearly unhappy to have found nothing, taking extra care and spending extra time where they thought evidence should have been.

After finding nothing but a somewhat messy, cluttered, chaotic house, one officer entered my son's room, called me over, and informed me that it was too messy, that he KNEW nothing had changed since the last time he was here, and that I MUST have it cleaned to HIS satisfaction the next time he was here or he would call DFCS on me.  He did not acknowledge all the cleaning the Evil Genius and I have done in the last few days, the difference in the bed and the floor, how much cleaner the rest of the house is, none of it.  He took photographs of my son's room so "Now there's a record", and asserted he knew NOTHING had changed since last time and it had better "look like a catalog picture" the next time he was here "or else".

So now I know they plan on coming back and doing this all again as LEAST one more time.

But it's okay...I'm a deadbeat and a bad mother and Someone is a criminal, so we don't have any rights, do we?  If we were normal people who everyone liked, maybe someone would care, but nah...he has a past, is dealing with addiction, and has made himself unpopular in the world at large, and I'm on food stamps, mentally ill, and worthy of disdain.  We're the ones you tell your kids not to turn into, so it's okay.  The constitution doesn't apply to us, does it?

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Cygnus MacLlyr said...

You have a WINNING LOTTO TICKET when a lawyer-- a REAL one, not a Public Pretender-- gets hold of their (police)recording telling YOU you have no 4th amendment rights. I have said before, and law in case history (precedent) supports my argument, available to any REAL practitioner of said via the Law Library: aallnet.org , will tell you that YOUR MOTHER'S house-- nor your mother, nor YOU, nor anybody else that is not me-- has no 4th. They have the right to search my rented space, immediately-- and NOT A CENTIMETER MORE. Not your son's room; not YOUR LOCKED CASH BOX. What do you wanna bet when--WHEN, Hear me, M.A.N.S.???-- we take them to 'court' for "JUSTICE" [PFFT!!], his recorder (they are liable to record, voice and video) "was malfunctioning"?
I bet his kid-- if he's been able to find anyone who would allow him insemination goes, with that corkscrew penile unit pigs have-- doesn't, RIGHT THIS MOMENT, have "a catalog picture" room.
Amongst the "evidence" left behind the SECOND SEARCH (this was the third, as of February) was a page from a medicinal publication. Pardon me [no, no, REALLY lol!] but last time I checked the temperature of this country hadn't reached Fahrenheit 451, and BOOKS WERE STILL LEGAL. They took the remainder of the article-- trust me, I know my literature-- the SECOND search, March 22, but left the title page with monster bud pics [Grape Ape, to be exact]. As well as the empty flower pots. And fluorescent light.
Can anyone say Double Jeopardy? Or ask, in court, "WHAT evidence?" Pictures are inadmissible.
These folk are the kinds of kids who got beat up in school and had their lunch money stolen. Never having catharsised via much-needed therapy, they now take their positions of power to bullying, emotionally scarring, and yes ILLEGAL heights no Hill Street Blues officer would ever have dreamed in his most Machiavellian misogyny.
Oh, and by the way, that second search, in February? I didn't 'live' here. Linda, I've told Kiki, y'all need to take these [with all due respect to gay men, I'm only using my word power to irk redneck central Bubba Law, whom ARE homophobic] sperm-burping bone-smokers to court on this --THESE-- issues. I'll handle mine; put the blindfold on Lady Justice, and let's watch the scales.
I was arrested for an UNPLUGGED FLUORESCENT LIGHT,a BOOK about Medical Marijuana Horticulture, and EMPTY FLOWER POTS in a room with no electricity. All of this, in three different places in the house. ALL EVIDENCE, all left when they took me to jail.
DOUBLE JEOPARDY, anyone? Oh, wait, TRIPPLE-- all of these were left behind on the February raid.
I never wanted to learn enough to be a paralegal. The new American Gestapo way has involuntarily led me thus.
WHEW! Now, I need a good stogie, some coffee, and...
BACON, anyone???
[By the way, the neighbor who called the cops on me in March and today, JONATHAN DOMINICALI? He got mad in December when he asked me for some of "The Marijuana" and I told him no, because I don't deal in DRUGS. [His daddy doesn't approve of pot, so he hides it behind nicotine addiction.] And had the wherewithal to be mad that a PROFIT was taken by his dealer! [A 17-year-old whelp whose name I won't release because I've given it to Karma.] Why the capitalistic NERVE, wanting to make money in America!!!