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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Daisy, Daisy...

Okay, so it isn't built for two and I am not calling it "Daisy", but it IS a bicycle.

On Saturday, Someone and I went on a...gasp...date!  Our second, I think, or maybe third.  A friend came and watched Sprout and the Evil Genius was at his father's, and we were two adults at large in the world with nothing more than thoughts of sushi forming our prospective activities.

We ran a few errands first, then went for sushi at my favorite place - until Saturday, poor Someone has never been there, only feasted on whatever leftovers I brought him.  While even their leftovers are excellent, nothing beats fresh.

Afterwards we headed homeward, but decided on the spur of the moment to stop at our local Evil Empire to see if they had any shorts or shirts Someone could buy for working outdoors in.  He  has a job now, and it is a lot of outdoor work, and jeans and t-shirts are just too hot.

As we were heading over towards the hardware department to investigate oscillating fans, we passed the bicycle display.  The price on the sign gave us pause, caused us to stop and back up.  The bikes on the front rack were all touring bikes, the kind I have longed for for some time.  There, in the middle, as if waiting just for me, was the blue beauty shown above.  Half price.

No kidding.

Half price.

Someone had been paid Friday.  He told me "Grab the bike, you're getting it."

He bought me a blue bike.  The exact bike I have wanted for several years, now.  Sniff.

I rode her today.  Let me just say that when one has not ridden a bicycle for 25 years or so, one may be excused if one...wobbles...a little.  I did not fall off, anyway, and I imagine I will improve with more practice.

I am as excited as a ten-year-old at Christmas!

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