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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It Wouldn't Be Ours If It Worked Right

It's been a rough week here at Casa de Crazy.  More about some of that later.  Let's just look at today.

My neck and back are screaming at me constantly.  My head hurts.  I had to wait more than an hour past our appointment time (regular check-up, nothing dire) at the pediatrician's with a two-year-old that was NOT interested in being patient, let alone THE patient.  A cat barfed up a puddle of something delightful right where I stand to fold laundry.  Guess how I found it.  Hint: I go barefoot in the house.

I am still trying to get everything unpacked, washed, and put away from our Ohio trip, so I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it back up, and ran it.

A little while later, I wandered into the kitchen to get a drink and...umm...I believe what I said was "That's not right."

It looked kinda like this, only more so:

I didn't take any photos of MY floor because it was flowing into the pantry...you know, where we store food?  Food that really doesn't need to be pre-soaked with soapy, bleachy, dishwasher water?  So I got busy finding towels that won't get all weird if they're bleached and sopping up the mess, which means you get Internet photos that approximate our drama.  

I checked downstairs just to be sure this wasn't because our septic tank had, again, overflowed into the house.  All dry, whew!  I ran water in the kitchen sink to make sure the pipe isn't clogged.  Drains fine.  So now what?

I decided to run the dishwasher again to see if it simply hadn't drained correctly.  It's running as I type, and so far, so good.  Every now ant then, I open it and check what's up. Seems okay.

I did not use the wrong detergent - I used the same stuff I ALWAYS use because I have OCD and some products are not negotiable in my home or the world will come to an end thankyouverymuch.  I didn't find anything in the drain or screen.  It just...overflowed.

On top of everything else (I know, I'm teasing, but some hings take time to write), we didn't need this.


Here's hoping there was a gremlin caught in the drain and it's now washed down into the septic tank and doing the doggy paddle with the scorpion I flushed last week, and the dishwasher will now go back to doing its job, principally not getting dishes entirely clean but usually draining properly...


Stephanie in AR said...

I had that happen to me at my daughter's house...the daughter that was in the hospital with her brand new baby. I was wiping up her floor while my dh was busy unstopping the toilet. Someone said someone else tried to flush a tiny car (matchbox) I did figure this out & maybe it will help you. Here at home I can open my dishwasher a few minutes after starting & add a few more things with no problem. Her dishwasher is NO! as it restarts some whatchamadoodle and refills the already full dishwasher which overflows. Perhaps a small helper flipped the lever off & on resetting the system? Perhaps not but she had a clean floor and it's not happened again. :)

Momlady said...

Ruh roh.