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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh, Boy!

The kids and I got up early this morning and hauled our yawning selves down to the city for a doctor's appointment.  The Evil Genius had a date with a specialist regarding his gentleman parts (the Evil Genius's, not the doctor's, because really...), and I guess my fervent request for something after ten in the morning was misinterpreted as "Oh, please, make sure we have to get up early and slog through morning traffic!"

Luckily it was a fairly clean drive, and the few accidents that could have been along our way were handily avoided by the judicious use of back roads.  I swear I think it's a local ordinance that there must be no fewer than three small but highly traffic snarling accidents for every fifty miles of highway in the state, and at least one "Oh, wow!" incident each rush hour.

It took two and one-half hours out of our day, of which only about 30 minutes were spent in the doctor's office.  We will be scheduling a "procedure" in the near future to correct what I have dubbed a "shy ball", but which the medical community refer to as an "acquired undescended testis".  Acquired?  That makes it sound like we went to an auction, or shoplifted it or something.  My name's better.

It's not a huge deal and will take maybe an hour, but the recovery time will not be fun for the kid, because he won't be able to run, climb, ride his bike, or do anything overly active or strenuous for two weeks.  Two.  Weeks.

I'll pause here and let you digest that thought. A ten year old boy, quiescent for a fortnight.

One of us is going to need Valium for fourteen days.

In the end it will be worth the trouble, because uncorrected?  This condition has a higher incidence of cancer, and can lead to difficulties with..er...function...and reproduction.

The Evil Genius opined he'd rather spend two weeks not having any fun than have a higher cancer risk later in life, because cancer sucks.  Smart kid, him.

As an aside, never, ever look something like "undescended testis" on the Internet if you don't have a strong stomach, a strong heart, and are well fueled with lots of caffeine and some serious nerve tonic.  Thank goodness I didn't need anything visual...I shudder to think...

The rest of today was dedicated to the baking of banana bread, cooking corned beef and getting ready for a three day stint at the track.  Poor Someone...on his way home right now, he'll have this evening to unpack and settle in, then three days of relentless Sprout to contend with!  Welcome home, Papa...

So...what'd you do with your day, today?

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Michelle Roebuck said...

I managed to score a half day off tomorrow so that I can go volunteer in Noodle's classroom for a Fun Friday activity... I have to be at work at 5:30 a.m. in order to make it work, but it'll make my big boy happy and that's all that matters. (Plus, I'll probably be able to nap with Mouse afterwards.)