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Monday, November 5, 2012


So tomorrow is election day.

For the first time since I was old enough to vote, I feel a deep sense of apathy about it.

I feel like I'm being offered two huge piles of poop and a few small piles of poop and maybe one poor wilted daisy and told "Here, choose, aren't' they wonderful???"


For the first time ever, I didn't know, really know, who I would vote for until a week before the election.  I even contemplated staying home.  I can't, though.  Since I registered, I have missed one election and that was due to the voter registrar screwing up and failing to transfer me to my new polling place after I moved (and did all the requisite paper-work/registering, too!).  Intentionally skip one?  I don't think I can.

Also for the first time, I am going to reveal who I'm voting for, and why.  Usually I keep that to myself - politics can be deeply personal.  We all have our reasons for voting as we do...

Fair warning - I welcome the free and open sharing of opinion here, but if you get ugly, snarky, mean, and nasty, I will delete your comments.  I support freedom of speech in general, and dissenting opinion as a matter of necessity for healthy debate and growth, but I do not believe in anyone's right to get ugly up in my space, and this here is my tiny, wee corner of the Blue Nowhere, and what I say goes.

I am not voting for the Ass.  Nor am I voting for the Pachyderm.  I am, in essence, voting for the poor, tired, unloved, often mocked or ignored entirely, Libertarian Fellow.


Because the two main candidates both suck beyond my ability to measure.  They are both liars, manipulators, prevaricators, thieves, black blotches on the collective soul of humanity, Satan's balls (one left, one right, both hanging there by the Dark One's asshole and thinking they're just grand).  They are both oath-breakers.  They both want to appear the hero while making the other man out to be the goat.  Boiled down to its essence, each one's "platform" says one thing to me - I'm going to lose my rights faster and faster, like a social-enslavement snowball plummeting down Mt. Everest and collecting hapless citizen-climbers in its wake, landing us at the bottom of the mountain a broken, crumpled mass wondering what the hell just happened.

I am voting for the man who cannot win, because I would rather "waste" my vote than give it to either of the putrid piles of fecal matter that I'm supposed to pretend don't stink.  On Wednesday, I won't make much, if any, effort, to find out who won...a pile of poop is a pile of poop no matter what you call it, and in the end it really doesn't matter who you voted for either...right, left, red, blue, we're all going to be in a pile of shit for the next four years.

Vote anyway, because if nothing else, I won't tell you to shut up if you didn't.

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Holly said...

I get this. And, I wish we could find our way back to smaller, less intrusive government that remembered that they have jobs because We The People said they could have them. Not the other way round, but here is what we have.

I voted today. I vote because it's my right to do so. It marks my singular spot in the Republic. And, so I go. And vote my conscience. Mostly not happy with the choices I am given.

SO I get this. What I have finally started doing is trusting that my ability to see the picture is only a small sliver of the view. I simply trust that Spirit who has the complete view of the horizon guides the story along. So mote it be.