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Friday, November 23, 2012

Blech Friday

The day after Thanksgiving has always been a day to recover from dressing overdose, tidy up the dishes, and possibly haul holiday decorations out of storage, for me.  It's the day I will pull out the Trans Siberian Orchestra and The Bing Crosby CDs.  It may even be the day I bustle forth into the world and procure cookie ingredients, because this is also the day that heralds the opening of cookie season.

What it is NOT is a day to go thrust my way through crowds of angry, bitter, desperate, resentful shoppers drunk from advertising-circular ink and high on plastic fumes.  Sometimes being broker than a politician's promise has its advantages.  I will not be camping out or feeling my feet go numb just to save a few bucks on overblown products that the media tells me I must have or give in order for all to be right in the world.

I don't understand this craze.  Don't get me wrong, I like saving a buck where I can, but is it really a savings to buy something on sale that I don't want or need because it's such a great price?  Do you really want a gift from me that is tainted with all of the emotions that go with the experience of buying it on this day?

Here's a thought (and it's not even an original one, it's recycled):  how about saving yourself the trouble and supporting your local community?  Seek out your local gallery or artists.  Give Rumba lessons, karate lessons, gymnastics, boxing, cooking lessons.  Lawn care, house cleaning, or massage make nice gifts and help other people in your community support themselves.  I bet your local diners, cages, coffee shops, and bakeries would be delight to sell you gift cards!

If you're in the same boat as I am, cash is in short supply.  Seems like there's more demand than supply.  Why not make a gift?  Get the kids involved, especially if there's gluing - kids need glue, it holds them together, just ask a pediatrician.  Make coupons for time off, a meal cooked, driving services, cleaning services, a date, babysitting, pet sitting, anything the recipient might like that you can (and more importantly WILL) do for them when they need it most.  Buy used - Craig's List, yard sale, flea market, classifieds, even pawn shops.  People are trying to raise money right now, why not help out?

You don't have to add to the chaos and agita this year.  If you need the three-function espresso machine with milk whiffler and sonic cup deodorizer, then by all means dive into the crowds and procure one...but please, please don't get caught up in the feeding frenzy and trample some poor schmo who just needed a pair of shoelaces...

Hey, if you aren't joining in Blech Friday, what ARE you doing today?

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