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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On the Menu

Okay, enough wallowing.  I'm all covered in psychological ick and need to clean myself up a little.  Yech.  I spent Monday at K2's place, with a few hours at a new play place for the kids.  If you have a Catch Air where you live, go there with children.  Be prepared to get them out with a pry-bar, because that's the only way they're leaving.  There may or may not have been sushi for lunch (thank you, E and K2).  I shout nearly 300 photographs of K2's jewelry and art to post on Etsy.  It was a long, distracting, productive day.  Someone had the day to himself, and that went well, too - he salvaged some castaway items from a house cleanout and they'll be mighty useful to us.

Tuesday I was supposed to go to Quilt Guild with Mum, but something came up - an opportunity to somewhat help a friend while scoring furniture and other items to use or sell, as we choose.  It's a long story that I won't tell here, but we were helping clean out a house that had been abandoned by the residents and there was a ton of furniture left behind...antiques, modern, quite a few pieces that we can use.  Don't fret, we have their permission, as well as the house owner's, to take what we want...it's less for them to deal with, in the end.  So far I have a new sewing desk (it's terrific, sturdy, huge, marvelous, old, and heavy, and I can't wait to get it in the sewing room), a 1940's era record cabinet (I still play my records.  Anachronistic, much?), a trio of matching tables for the living room (they actually manage to blend our varied furniture styles and make it look like we did that on purpose), a few toys for the kids, and a handful of small, decorative items like outdoor candle holders and the like.  If things go according to plan today, while I am cooking, Someone will be going back to retrieve another truck load, and then on Friday we will try to finish gleaning and cleaning so the owner can get on with turning the house over to whoever gets it next.

Speaking of cooking...I almost forgot to do my annual posting of the menu!  How would the world have gone on??

In no particular order, here's what I am throwing together for Turkey Day at Casa de Crazy:

Turkey (because obviously)

Dressing (I baked the herbs into the bread again this year, made the house smell glorious)


Mashed Potatoes (really real ones, too, not from a box)(hey, I LIKE box potatoes)

Green Bean Casserole (a first for me, but Someone asked for it and I'm game to try ruining cooking something new)

Mashed Turnips and Carrots (because the world will end if we don't have these)

Sauteed Mushrooms

Can-o-Cranberry (in their natural state, cranberries jelly and form a log...it's a fact, the Internet told me so)

Dutch Apple Crumb Pie

Keylime Pie

Cheesecake (store bought because I just don't have the time to make one from scratch...that'll have to wait for Someone's birthday)

What're you having?

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Phelan said...

It all sounds good.

Happy thanksgiving!