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Monday, May 2, 2011

So What's Different?

Gettin' political, y'all...
Osama Bin Laden is dead.


And this changes what, exactly?

Is the "war" over, now? Can all the men and women putting themselves in harm's way come home?

Yeah, I thought not.

It's never been about old Osama Yo Mama.

It's about the oil, and the balance of power, and votes, and retaining power by instilling fear in the populace while simultaneously thieving away our liberties. Not that I have an opinion, or anything.

I'm sorry, y'all, but Bin Laden was one man among many, and all I can muster up at the news of his demise is a half-hearted "So what?".

I am wondering if there will be any political repercussions for Pakistan, for harboring him...in a million-dollar mansion, no less.

Wait, what am I saying? Of course not. No one believes in consequences, any more.


SHARON said...

Amen to that. 1 down and a gazillion to go. Ain't changing anything, it'll just piss'em off.
Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't done it. It is a big moral booster, after all, he called us a 'paper tiger', but we should be even more on guard than before.

Gypsy Guru said...

I had so many similar thoughts - The military accomplished this one, albeit significant, endeavor, fulfilling this particular mission, but bringing closure to the families of 9/11 victims? That one was hard to swallow. And Facebook? Blowing up with people saying that Obama needs to show proof that Osama's dead? Really? We need to see the gore and horror show firsthand? Um, I'll pass, thanks all the same. Worse, the reasoning that Obama needs to show "substantial" proof of death because he's "already lied about his birth certificate". Wow. I'm so glad those people aren't running the country... Erm...

My sense is that we're losing the ability to distinguish veracity due to the overwhelming avalanche of data assaulting us 24/7. Just my two cents.

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