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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Morning

Someone has been doing Papa duty solo this weekend as I'm working communications over at the track. Yesterday was stormy off and on all day, which made racing...interesting.

Last night, we went to sleep watching lightning strobe the night, listening to thunder rolling along the hills.

It seems the storm's gotten snagged in the trees, tearing itself open to scud along with the wind, dumping rain as it goes - this morning, it's a deluge outside Casa de Crazy, and the flashing outside is causing flickering inside. Racing today - two endurance races - will also be...interesting.

Sprout decided to wake me up a bit early this morning. I planned on being up at 5:40, but she thought 5:00 was better. It was nice, though, to hold her, feed her, and rock her back to sleep. I've missed doing it the last few days. This has been my first long stretch away from my family since before the baby was born. I miss them during the day.

Today, Someone gets a little reprieve - Mum is picking up the Evil Genius and bringing him to a friend's house-warming party. Then tonight, if all goes according to plan, T will pick the Evil Genius up and have him until Tuesday.

I wonder if I can get the boy's room clean in two days? Hmm...maybe if I had a steam shovel...

I have to go, now...time to paddle over to the track and see if our communications net is still alive or if we're relegated to using handheld radios for the day. I'm not holding my breath.

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Momlady said...

Have fun! Hope T picks him up this evening.