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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keping Track

There's a three-month calendar hanging on our kitchen wall. It's one of those erasable ones, and I color code things so it's easy to see who's doing what on which day with just a glance.

It's useful for keeping track of the important things in life. Like when to plant peas. And Birthdays. And stinky eggs...er...I mean...holidays like Ostara. I like to doodle things on holidays and birthdays...my Ostara egg was meant to have sun rays coming from it, but they look more like stink waves. Sigh. A sketch artist I ain't.

I mess with the names of the months, too...Janufairy, Feblueberry, Marchvelous...because I like a little silly in my life.

It can get a little crowded on there, when life's busy. I like that, though...seeing an empty month is something of a bummer for me. It means nothing's going on, and while I'm really a home-body, I DO like a little socializing from time to time.

Oddly, I tend to live day by day without keeping track of the hours. It's a dichotomy - living a timeless life with a big old reminder of passing days right there where I can't miss it. I'm like that, though...full of opposites. Suits me.

How 'bout you? Do you keep a calendar, or just let the days do what they will?
Cruise report: At sea today - lounging by the pool (not really - I don't tan, and a bathing suit in public is just more than I can do right now), reading, working on a craft project, napping, and NOT eating my way through the hours. Tomorrow - more of the same, chugging homeward...and I'm not sorry, because I miss Someone and the Evil Genius and the cats and Casa de Crazy something fierce!


Rob Houston said...

I've learned to live my life on a week by week basis, and even then things get crazy. I shift and change plans so often the Future Mrs. Houston can barely keep up (she's not used to the break-neck speed in which I live daily). Between coven, kindred, band, friends and family I NEVER have time for myself :x

I'm so very glad to see you both happy and flourishing! He seems like a good man, and those are hard to come by these days :)

Hail Family!

HermitJim said...

I know you'll be glad to get back home! "Be it ever so humble..."and all that!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hail Rob and your Family, too!

Kydd-o... that calendar is full-- well, messy, what with weather causing all kinds of shceduled/cancelled yardverks-- but not to worry: two mas dias and you can correct it all, and replace the Two-faced God-month with April Showers!

Casa misses you something fierce as well, woman