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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Boy Logic

Scene: Three mothers, one toddler, one infant in front of the large house in the evening. Four little boys of varying ages playing 'round back, enjoying the flashlights they've just been provided. Two of the mothers are preparing to pack up and head home after an evening of grilling burgers, chatting, and occasionally telling the rowdy boys to play away from the cars.

There a thud and a cry from the back yard. One little boy commences to wail. His mother runs around the Sanford and Son style parking area that blocks access to the backyard, identifying the cry as coming from her boy.

The hostess follows.

The two mothers find one little boy crying disconsolately on the ground by the slide, one little boy endeavoring to look innocent, and a third little boy anxious to tell all.


EG: Little Man pushed Noodle off the play house!!
LM: ...
Noodle: Sob, snuffle, whimper, weep, wail...
M (Noodle's Mum): Let's see what's hurt (checking various body [arts for damage from toes to head) Just a bit of dirt...what happened? Did you fall from all the way up there??
Noodle: Yeah...snuffle, cry, weep...
EG: He was up there and he pushed him right off!
LM: He was standing on the railing and he shouldn't do that!
K (EG's Mum): So you pushed him off??
LM: ...
At this point, EG fetches LM's Mum, advising her on the way of what has occurred.
KW (LM's Mum): LM, what were you thinking??
LM: He was up on the railing, and he shouldn't be there!
KW: So you pushed him off?!?!?
LM: ...
KW: You're done - go get in your car seat.

KW and K compare notes and chuckle over how they had the exact same thoughts.

Meanwhile, M is trying very hard not to laugh, because Noodle is fine, just a bit dirty and bewildered and he's being unintentionally hilarious, KW is trying to sort out her son's logic, and K is just relieved that it wasn't her Evil Genius who did the pushing.

End scene.

Little boys...sigh...


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ah, I can't say we change too much; get bigger, yes, but beyond...
Good day, Lady!

Susan said...

LM is going to be a teacher at Catholic school.

I'm still rolling over, "Prithee, my lord, remove thy tallywhacker from out my tankard." Hysterical!

cindy said...

I enjoy reading your thoughts. It makes me feel alive.

Caution Flag said...

I do believe the boy thing is universal, isn't it?

Kit said...

I'm SO glad he didn't hurt poor Noodle. I still wonder at the boys' ability to ACT before they THINK. Like, at all. Sheesh.

Still it was a lovely evening, wasn't it?