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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Concert-ed Effort

Tomorrow's our big concert - nearly three solid hours of singing, drumming, and dancing. I hope the crowd joins in - the more the audience participates, the better we are.

I have a new microphone for this one. It's wireless, but a handheld rather than the headset kind - I keep blowing out the headset ones, and it's a real pain to lose my mic in the middle of a concert. I can still be heard ('cause you know I'm a big ol' loud mouth), but it strains my voice something fierce. This mic should afford me some of the opportunity to mingle with the audience while singing without any of the irritations and foibles of the headset. We'll see.

Today is T and the Evil Genius' second day alone together. It makes me a little nervous, leaving them alone, because T's idea of a vegetable is a potato chip because potatoes are a veg, right?? Also, it's buggin's chance if Bird'll have a bath while I'm gone, or brush his teeth, or even wear different clothing in the four days I'm away. He probably won't be sticky in more than a few places, anyway, and he'll probably have a fine time with his daddy.

Is it wrong that I'm having a fine time without them? Eh, whatever.

Wish us luck - it's very important that we not suck tomorrow night.


Susan said...

I know for sure that you won't suck - otherwise they wouldn't have you! And you're you! As for the Bird, he's having a wonderful time bonding with his daddy. He eats well the other 348 days of the year - a splurge will be good bonding! Have a blast!!!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

not wrong at all-- we all needs personal space. and the addage about absence and all.
Hmm.. is THAT what's meant by "fonder": want more of same?lol!

Love to be in the front row, this bird would...
Break a wing...