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Monday, April 6, 2009

And the winners are...

...going to have to wait until the end of this post!

First, thank you to the four hearty souls who braved my First Ever Blog Contest. I am tickled you decided to play along...I'm no Pioneer Woman, giving away Kitchen Aid mixers and cameras and gift cards with thousands of responses in minutes, and having four people jump on in warmed the cockles of my heart!

So I posed the question "What the hell is that??" regarding this detail of a photo:

Would it help to see the whole thing? Here it is:

Still not certain? Here, maybe this will help:

Yep, Jellyfish. Mine was a dead one, though.

So - I think Rachel came closest with her guess of dead fish flesh (appetizing, Rachel!), so I'm awarding her first prize. Good job, Rachel!

Then it was a toss-up between Kit and Wild Cakes. I decided that Wild Cakes came closer than Kit (sorry, Kit), so once Rachel has finished the laborious process of choosing which piece of crap rare objet d'art she would like and both of you have e-mailed me your shipping addresses, I'll mail off the prizes. Michelle and Kit, I'll cook you a fish dinner as a booby prize, if you like!

Thanks again for playing, y'all - next time, the prize will be something I've made, but first I have to make it!


RachelW said...


The dead jellyfish I've seen have all been totally clear and gelatinous. That must have been one huge jellyfish!

I'd like to donate my prize to... the charity of your choice. Or save it for your next round of competition. Lol! That will spare you the international shipping fees, while making me feel hugely generous and warm at heart. ;)

Wild Cakes said...

WOO HOOO!!! I won!

Well sort of. (FWIW... I don't even read PWs comments, much less add to them since she has so many thousands of them. This prize makes for a better story anyhow... about that time I won a real blog contest by indentifying a dead jellyfish as a mollusc shell. YAY ME!)

Wild Cakes said...
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