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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Must Chaff When He Swims

It started out innocently enough.

Before lights-out, I usually read Bird a book, maybe sing him a song or three. One night last week I made T do it - I was busy writing or something, and sometimes I need to enforce the idea that Daddy can do the good-night thing, too.

They read a book called Fish Story, an early reader book.

Next day, Bird wandered up, frowzy headed and still warm from sleep.

Me: G'mornin', my heart, did you sleep well?
Evil Genius: Yup I did. Mommy, guess what?
Me: Chicken butt.
EG: No, not chicken butt! Seriously, guess what?
Me: Seriously, little dude, chicken butt! (it's a game he plays with his father, and sometimes me)
EG: Mo-om-meee! Stop playing around! Guess what?
Me: OK, small-boy-whom-I-love-with-a-big-love...what?
EG: An octopus has eight testicles!
Me: Really? Eight of them? Imagine the athletic supporter...
EG: ...

Hey, it amused the Hell out of me, anyway.


Caution Flag said...

HA! My boys would be all over that comment. We are very testicle-driven in this house!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I LOVE the non-sequitor ending!


"... one or three..." is one of my fave phrases.

BIRD? kiddo. hmmm.. swan. (bird.) Hmm.

OOh! OOh! AND a quote from CARLIN, the Comedic GOD!?!
Yep; (now met and) know, and love.

Hail and greetings, friend...

love the post, BTW!


Kyddryn said...

Caution Flag, welcome, thanks for popping by. I almost typed "pooping by", which would have had the Evil Genius in fits. Aren't boys fun? Whee...

Cygnus, welcome - it's always lovely to run across kindred spirits in the Blue Nowhere. Although - if we're cut from the same cloth...I'm sorry...

Stefanie said...

That is hilarious! We do the chicken butt joke here too. And Elby has the same reaction everytime.Irritation.