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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Goings On

K2 and I are working on a little project.  It's only taken us about a decade to get back on it.  Check out our fund raiser, wouldja?  And feel free to contribute and share it along.
Meanwhile, it turns out that Casa de Crazy needs a new roof.  Oy.  The old roof is...well...old...for a roof.  24 years, to be precise.  That's, like, a Million in roof years!  I was hoping it would keep another year or two, but we've pushed our luck as far as we can.  The last storm that rolled through here damaged it beyond its ability to magically withstand/repair weather damage.  Insurance peoples have been called and things are in motion, and it all gives me a headache because expensive!  Poo Mum, shes the one who carries this burden.  I was hoping I could just get it patched and be done with it, but the shingles have been pummeled and the vent pipes need new thingies and it's just time.

So two huge things going on for me, right now.  I prefer to focus on the music, but I imagine the roof is going to be a constant THING in my head util it is done, especially with the wet year predicted.

What're you up to these days?

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