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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prints Charming (Yes. Yes, I did.)

One of these days I intend to replace my defunct printer.  It would be nice to have something that can scan/copy/print, is both color and B/W, and is good-to-high quality.  I have a semi-formed hope that one of my new-ish art-ish activities could be turned into note/greeting cards (does anyone use those any more???), maybe...so...any thoughts?

It'll be a minute before this firms into anything like action, but I like to plan ahead when it comes to the electronics I am destined to destroy by bringing them home to Casa de Crazy, where gremlins apparently nest in droves and anything that can go weirdly wrong does so with horrid frequency.

Now that I have written my intent, there is a printer somwhere huddled in its box wondering why it suddenly felt a terrible chill...

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