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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Pooh

Sprout is besotted with Winnie the Pooh.  To date she has four Pooh stuffies, an Eeyore, a Piglet, and a Tigger.

She wanders towards the computer several times a day with the plaintive cry of "Uhhhh Pooooooohhhh", which, in Sproutese, means "I would very much like to view one or two of my favorite Winnie the Pooh clips on YouTube, if you please".  Usually, she watches with Someone, cuddled on his lap, feet kicked up on the desk.  She likes to point to things she knows on the screen, and when there are crows cawing, she caws along with them.  She keeps her papa pinned in the computer chair for clip after clip, melting our hearts.

She still likes Pingu (A Swedish claymation show about a little penguin and his family, it can sometimes be odd, is always entertaining).  She demands "Eeekooo, Eekooo" when she wakes up in the morning, and in one scene, where the penguin is lost, she calls out for him with his searching parents.

But Pooh is king of the visual entertainment world for her, right now.  She carries one or more of her stuffies around with her much of the time, especially the pooh that is almost as large as she is.

The big Pooh was Someone's score, found at Goodwill for a dollar. Best dollar spent, to date.  She will take Pooh by his arms and dance with him, sometimes singing "Eeeyah Pooh, eeyah Pooh..."

Piglet seems to be flung about a bit.  He's much smaller than the big Pooh, and apparently aerodynamically pleasing to Sprout, who likes to spin him around then release, or toss him high in the air (hoping to hit the ceiling fan, I believe) and watch him land higgeldy-piggeldy.

The funniest thing to see is when she bounces with Tigger (same size as Piglet, about 8 inches, give or take).  Sprout likes to hop, anyway.  She is a prodigious hopper, often hopping down the hall, around the living room, up and down stairs.  She has a good sense of distance and knows what's a buouncable gap or elevation and what's best to be careful about.  She shouldn't be able to spring with such confidence - at her age, balance is usually questionable at best - but what does she care for "supposed to"?  Not a jot. I am, of course, biased, but I think her sense of balance is superb - she thinks nothing, now, of standing on one foot and leaning forward like a lifetime practitioner of yoga or a dancer, and just...standing there.  Solid as a rock.

So, yeah, bouncing.  She will take Tigger by his paws, place his feet on the floor, hunker down in front of him, and bounce him, singing her version of the Tigger song.  She often looks to see if we are paying attention, coy little minx.

I recently tried to find a Pooh DVD online, but apparently people have lost their minds and Pooh DVDs are more valuable than gold.  I love my girl, but $120 for a DVD?  No.  Way.

YouTube will have to do until we unearth a bargain DVD somewhere, one not pressed from fairy dust or whatever it is that makes these things so costly.

Sprout is demanding I post the Tigger song.  Here ya go:

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