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Saturday, December 29, 2012

It Do Go Fast

I received a bit of money as a gift from family.  As often happens, I thought about what to do with it and made a little mental list of things I'd like to get.  Kind of like I do when I fantasize about winning the lottery.

What I wanted to buy:
A second battery for the new camera so I won't run our of power when I shoot a bazillion photos.
A passport drive to store pictures on.
A new memory card for Someone's camera.
A sushi dinner date for Someone and I.
A few more pieces of winter clothing for Sprout.

What I did use the money for:
Filling The Black Hole (my poor bank account has been in the negative for months)
Feeding someone else's addiction.
Taking Sprout to play with Buddy (the Evil Genius) for half a day at Catch Air.
Takeout dinner from the noodle shop for Someone.
Cat food, cat litter, and other items from the grocery store that we ran out of all at once.
And I managed to keep some aside for the Evil Genius's birthday party.

I have a dollar left.

A whole dollar just for me.


1 comment:

Michelle Roebuck said...

This happens all too frequently around our place, too...

I'd like:
A fruit & veggie spiralizer
Blendtec blender
Lighting set-up for taking better food/crochet/art photos
A class on how to take better photos
Some built-in storage in my laundry room so it can become my dedicated creation space

And here's the biggest one:
A trip to Colorado in the Fall to attend Original Voice: Storytelling Training with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (I need about $5,000 to pull this one off)

But we're barely getting the regular monthly bills paid (and some are lagging a month or so delinquent) because the interest-only term on our first mortgage expired just as property taxes were raised and the escrow account fell short... Oh, and now that the new year has dawned, our Social Security and Medical costs have increased so I'm having to pay more with less cash in pocket. We've been through tight, unpleasant, watch-every-penny times before and we'll come through this one just fine, but still... Stuck right in the middle of things, it ain't the cat's meow, for sure.

Love ya, babe!