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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Click, Click, Whir

I still feel kinda crappy this morning, but I haven't wet my pants, yet, so things are looking up!

Meanwhile, life rolls on, and however I may be feeling there are things to do, places to go, people to inflict mucous on.  Wait, strike that last one - I think I have some Kleenex in the van.

I finished the baby quilt I was working on for K2.  Well, not for K@, but on her behalf so she could give it to someone else.  I will be delivering it today, and will shoot some photos of it in her magnificent house (oh, yeah, I still have house envy more than a year later).

Shoot photos, did I say?  Why yes, yes I did.  My beloved Kodak Easy Share Camera of Amazing Photo Taking is finally cranky beyond my means to shake, smack, poke, blow, or bang on the pavement to make it behave.  It has decided that the whole world should be pink, possibly in an effort to make me get some rose colored glasses and join it in a delusional haze.  Or maybe the haze is from schmutz on the lens.  It also has trouble focusing, much like my son.

Also, on occasion, it does something very odd and sort of shoots in the negative, but in non-negative colors, giving the photo a sort of Warholian effect that has been interesting to behold, but not the desired result when trying to immortalize a precious moment in one's child's life.

You may imagine that such malfunctions as those would curtail picture-taking.  You would imagine correctly.  I have been doing my best to make it work, because I am still a would-be art photographer and do some shooting for K2's Etsy shop on the side, and using a phone camera just doesn't cut it.  Shooting several hundred photos to get a few good ones is something of a pain, but one muddles through.

Being aware of my plaint, Mum gave me a new camera for Yule.  I should mention that the Easy Share was a  Yule gift some many years ago, and it did yeoman's duty.  Anyway, new camera.  Sixteen megathingies, an LCD view screen that is bigger than a postage stamp, and lots of features I may never use but that look nifty.  It has been broken in with a few shots of family and fire, and even shot some video.  The zoom feature is terrific - I shot embers on a log from across Mum's living room!  It feels nice in my hands, and?  No pink where there oughtn't be!

It's not a Kodak, but I don't hold that against it.  It's a Canon, which National Geographic advertises and supposedly uses, so I have high hopes.  It has a nice, safe, well padded case to ride about in, so it may not wind up like the poor abused Kodak Easy Share which was dropped so often it should have had frequent flier miles.  With a lovely padded neck strap, the Canon should have a somewhat safer tenure as my shooter of choice.

I'll be photographing the quilt with the new camera, and if all goes well will post a picture on here sometime in the next century.

I'd better get moving.  Hey, what's your camera of choice?