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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whatta Weekend

I find myself wondering how I'm going to feel on Monday.

I am setting up to sell at a flea market Friday. Friday afternoon, when I'm don, I will be going to K2's house to do some sewing.

Saturday, it's back to the flea market, setting up at 6:30 (the morning one).

Sunday we need to try and go up to Mum's - her yard needs mowing in a bad way, and the garden need some love. I'll be nice and let Someone deal with that while I nap and fix dinner, if we go and stay the night. Hey, I'm thoughtful that way!

What's your weekend looking like?


Michelle Roebuck said...

You'll make it through swimmingly, I'm sure! Enjoy your time "up North" with Mum and I'll catch you up on Monday (or Tuesday, or some other day) about my planned trip to Cave Spring this Sunday with my raw food contingency.

Momlady said...

Will be glad to see you. I have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off!
Whatcha sewin'?