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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wanted: $250,000

How much does a dream cost?

I have a dream.

Ok, so I have a few dreams...but most of them are small things, or day dreams that are more "Wouldn't it be nice...?" and less the kind of longing, yearning, hopeful things that make one sigh wistfully in quiet moments.

But this one dream? It's kind of a big one...and it's not just mine - Mum and Someone share it, too.

I want to move.

I want to move out of Casa de Crazy and up to Mum's place - Dragon's Rest. In a perfect world, we would build a house up there, one all of us would share. In my mind, I call it the Phoenix Nest; we are trying to rise from the ashes of our former selves, constantly reinventing who we are, adjusting our sights to new highs, new lows, new unattainable distances. We burn so beautifully - why not a Phoenix?

That's such a diaphanous dream, though...so difficult to grasp, so easily rent and ravelled...

Easier, though only relatively so, is the dream of buying her neighbors place, the land adjacent to Mum's. It already has a house, a barn, and some really fine garden space. There are woods, and the house is within sight of Mum's if you know where to look.

It happens to be the place I pick blueberries every year, because her neighbor is a very nice lady.

It also happens to be off the market at the moment - she had it listed for a while,but there were no takers at the asking price...and as it was going for a song, I don't blame her for declining the low ball offers people made.

Given the right offer by the right people, though...maybe she would sell.

I suspect I'm the right people. She seems to like me. If I had the dosh, I would make an offer of exactly what she wants on the place.

I don't have the dosh, though.

I think about it every time we go up to, or come home from, Mum's. I'd like "go home" to mean a short walk down a hill rather than an hour in the van. I would like to have dinner with Mum more than once or twice a month, would like to share family time with her, would like to have a conversation with her that does not require a phone or computer, would like to be there when the day comes (and it will come) when she needs someone tohelp her with the little things, the big things, with moving into age and eventually beyond this life. I would like to be the one she calls to drive her to the ER when she gets crazy with the sledgehammer, the maul, or sharp objects (you'd be surprised how common that is...no, really, ask her).

I need a best seller, or sugar-daddy, or a patron, or a lottery win. They're all equally likely.

So, my fellow denizens of Blogopolis, my fellow floaters in the Blue Nowhere...anyone have some cash to lend? I'd pay it back...eventually...maybe in bits and pieces, maybe in chunks, but all of it and then some.

Wanted: $250,000.

What's your dream? What do you need to attain it?


Vodka Mom said...

my dream? to survive this change, and smile each and every day.

and if I had 250K I would TOTALLY send it to YOU!

Phelan said...

Mine is a business. And when I put the proposal together and did all the research it would cost me $200,000 just to start. I'm afraid that I gave in a that point.

Rob Houston said...

Seeing as how you helped make my dream a reality (along with 5 other equally awesome friends), it breaks my heart that I can't make yours come true :(

Captain Dumbass said...

If I had an extra $250K lying around I'd help you out.

Michelle Roebuck said...

How to encapsulate my dream... I dream of myself as a self-sustaining writer / speaker / teacher / chef / gardener (not to mention mother / wife / friend).

Funny thing about my dream: I have everything I need to do it, to make it happen right this moment and yet I've drug out the attainment of it for so long that it sometimes seems like I'm simply in mental contact with an alternate universe version of myself who's living that life. This is the key point: in the alternate universe, I seem not have husband nor children and they are a treasure I'm in no way willing to part with.

Magpie said...

i'd like a sabbatical. ain't gonna happen. :(

good luck with your dream.