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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk, Mother's Boon

I made a quick run up to the gallery today. The Evil Genius came with me so Someone could have a little peace and quiet at home for a change...poor man, the kid adores him and constantly follows him while chattering like a monkey. No kidding, it doesn't stop until the kid's asleep!

When we got there, the kid was climbing the walls...

...so I pointed out the sidewalk chalk they keep on hand, and all the lovely, pristine sidewalk around the outside of the building. Distraction achieved. For a few minutes.

Then, I had to come and see what he'd drawn.

First there was the sun and "...a whole mess of flowers, mommy..."

...and some fish on the moon.

Then there was his family. Daddy (with curly hair)...


...me (complete with a flower in my long hair and an "I lov U floating above me. We'll be working on spelling this week)...

...and Gramlin, with her special boot (she's got tendon problems with her ankle, and the boot is to help fix them without surgery. I called her Gimpy Sue when I saw it. Nice, me.).

We're all connected by a line to show we're family.

Finally, there's a sunset...

...and four of us on the moon.
Hmm...does he mean to say we're loony??

1 comment:

HermitJim said...

Looks like his heart is in the right place, at least!

Quite an imagination, I'd say!