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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Woe, Whoa

This is how I woke up this morning:

Daughter goes out to feed the feral cats, calls out that I hafta see this.


Water.  Dripping from the garage ceiling onto my van, the floor, and sundry things beneath it.

Umm.  Water?  Drip, drip,drippity drip?

Half asleep and not prepared to deal with it, it took me a few minutes to realize I may need a plumber.  And my garage was flooding.  And some of the things in the now flooding garage are not salvageable.

Deep breath.

Back van out of garage, need elbow room.

Plumber, maybe?  How to pay for...

Daughter calls out to me that hall bathroom is flooded.

Hey, maybe that's what is leaking down through the floor and out the bulkhead in the garage.

Lots of towels on floor.  Toilet bowl is overflowing.  has been all night.


Seems a child clogged said toilet and didn't ask for help.  That toilet runs (Sprout and I haven't had the chance to replace the flapper valve and see if that fixes it.  Guess we'll be getting on that soon) and it ran all night.  All.  Night.

The garage got doused.

Unclogged the toilet and sopped up the water on the floor.

Went down to garage.  Still drip, drip, drippity, drip.

Got screwdriver and hammer and made drainage holes.

Note:  several showers and a steam bath will be necessary today.

Drainage holes helped but were slow.  What the hey?  In for a penny, in for a pound - used hammer to make a hole.  Whoosh.  Used claw end of hammer to pull on already sagging, soaked, crumbling drywall.  Drainage commenced apace.

Bad news that could also be good news?  Van bench seats that were stowed in garage now definitely not worth saving, so out they go.  Bummer, but Mum and I don't ever use those seats and a cat or ten may have peed on them so they would have needed reupholstering anyway.  Now they just need hauling to the trash because they will require ore work than I will do or can pay for.  

Bed that was stowed in there will also have to go.  Feel bad for roommate because I was trying to keep it for her until she could come get it, but it's covered in sewer/ceiling water now and I can't have it moldering in there, and wouldn't let a child sleep on it ever again anyway.  Don't relish having to tell her...

Pretty sure the rest of what got wet was closed plastic bins.  Needs checking, maybe later.  

Shot video.  Can't upload for some reason.  Blog anyway.

Right now?  Smoothie.

Also contemplating whether or not my house is starting to reflect my mental state.

How's your day going?

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