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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Little Wonders

Today we had some pretty good moments, if of the small sort.

Casa de Crazy had to have a new roof.  The roofers started yesterday and the kids had a blast watching the goings-on.  I had a headache, but it was kind of fun to watch.  The Evil Genius discovered a nano-copter he was given for Christmas and charged it up, and all three of us had a lot of laughs over his efforts to fly it.  Our friend A came for dinner and to play with the kids, and that was a riot.  That was yesterday.

Today the roofers came an hour earlier than they said they would, surprising me with overhead thumps and whacks.  They also finished in less than an hour, cleaned up all the scraps and nails and whatnot in the yard, and removed themselves before I even finished my first cuppa tea.  The new roof looks quite nice and I have hopes it will last as long as the old one and so have to be replaced long after we have vacated Casa de Crazy for friendlier climes closer to my mother.

Sprout and I goofed off outside for a few minutes and I raced her to the van.  She won, but only because I got distracted by a cat.  We both laughed like loonies, which makes sense because I am one.

Errands were rather hum-drum, but I teased Sprout by making animal noises every time the game she was playing on her Papa's phone made a sound.  Lots of meowing, quacking, and bleating in the van, and she was giggling constantly.  She said she likes it when we are silly.  Poor kid, there's not enough silly in her life.  I'm working on that.

This afternoon I needed a nap - up hours and hours earlier than usual and short on sleep, there was no slogging through to a second wind.  I had to sleep.  While I slept, the Evil Genius and Sprout played with his nano-copter.  That poor thing has crashed into darned near every surface in this house.  It's looking a little rough but gamely soldiering on with its flights, and the kids think it's marvelous.  I even flew it a little and got it to hover in place for a few minutes!

If all of this sounds dull, inane, well...it is.  But it's also something out of the ordinary for Casa de Crazy.  Yes, depression is still trying to swallow me whole, and yes, it will likely do so until something else snuffs me, but these little things are huge when they've been absent for so long.  I'll take the grains of sand.  I know that with sand I can build some pretty impressive castles.

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