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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lost and Found

I'm a Witch.  Y'all knew that, right?

Lately, I find myself thinking about that.  I'm a Witch, but sometimes I forget what that can mean to me, to the people around me.

I'm not one of those wart-nosed, angry, cackling*, evil Disney critters that seem so popular around Halloween, or, as some of us Witches call it, Samhain.  I'm not a TV witch who can twitch her nose and make things happen, nor am I one of those movie witches who turns into things or bibetty**-bobetty-boos things into other things, nor am I one of those book-y ones.  I've never flown on a broomstick, and more often than not my wand is more useful for stirring things (but not trouble) than for unleashing some kind of light-effects zapperoonie.

Nonetheless, I am a Witch.

I do things.  Not big, flashy things, not turning-a-frog-into-a-prince things, but still...I do things.  I bless houses and by gum, they STAY blessed.  I de-spook places, and the spooks stay gone.  I mend broken things that cannot be mended.  I find things, all sorts of things, when no one else can.  Sometimes, if I am fortunate, I can even help people find what they've lost of themselves, help them stitch together their broken parts, heal their hurts, and move along life's path once more.

I'm a Witch.  I'm a warden for this Earth that I love.  I am part of the web of life, and more, I am a weaver of it.  I pulse to the pull of the moon and sun, ebb and flow with the tides, move with the timeless dancing of the stars, sing the Song, the Note, am part of the grand music that came before everything, before the bang and the rush and the whoosh and the frantic scrabbling of life.

I am a Witch.

It's so easy to get lost in ordinary entanglements, to forget who and what I am and have built a significant part of my life on.  It's not a costume or an act or an excuse to wear funky clothes and jewelry and scare the Mundanes.  It means that, against all sense, I believe in Magic and fairies and things unseen, that I believe in spells and poppets and all sorts of foolery that would never make it past my more pragmatic and even skeptical sides.  It means I believe, Believe, that I not only can but DO have a hand in calling upon those things unseen to manipulate reality when that manipulation is warranted, and I am willing to accept the consequences when I am wrong...and when I am right.

I've been so lost, the last few years.  Longer.  I've been lost and struggling.  I need to find myself again.

I'm a Witch...and it's time I started acting like it.

* Not that there's anything wrong with a good cackle...
** I was raised to believe that one should never bibetty in public...it's rude...

1 comment:

Samantha Stephens said...

Nice post. I tried to conform and be what others wanted me to be and my talents may only say "witch" to me (but I seriously get a kick when I find the unfindable or give an answer just as the person opens their month to speak). The green witches make me sad. They were probably the people beaten (to get a confession out of them) and later burned / killed in some way to scare others into submission. May we all realize our witchyness, now and in the months/years to come. This world needs us.