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Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm something ob a blue person. You may have noticed my blog's color scheme? No? Take a look around, I'll wait.


A touch blue, yes?

If you met me in real life (and those who do know me will confirm this, I am certain) you may notice a distinct and somewhat monochromatic color scheme to my attire. It may be a wee...erm...blue-ish. Sometimes there may be a touch of green or purple, but almost never red, yellow, or any other warm color. I am distinctly not a brown person, either. I like it fine on other folks, but it's just not for me. For a long time, I even had more than a little blue in my hair. Sigh. I miss that blue...but it was one of the first luxuries to go the way of the Dodo when things got...tight...around here.

When I wear jewelry (and it's rare), I wear silver and blue. Go figure.

It wasn't a conscious thing, this blueing. I have an old photo from my high school days in which I am wearing a brown and rust ensemble that I recall adoring. I have a few shirts that are entirely green, black, or purple, and a collection of t-shirts from my younger days that I keep for the sake of nostalgia. I no longer wear t-shirts of any color, at least not in public. I do have some over-sized t-shirts that I sleep in when we have company or are sleeping somewhere besides Casa de Crazy. I adore my 5X sleepers!

My favorite Morning Glories are the blue ones I planted a few years ago near the stairs. Most of the Iris planted near the mail box are blue or black.

Oddly, Rosie the Mule (my beloved Astro Van) is dark red. Just go to show love is colorblind.

Given the above, you wouldn't think I'd much care for this:

They planted themselves, appearing out of nowhere one year and propagating since. I think there are eight of them, now. I have left that patch of earth alone because I don't want to disturb them. They're the absolute last things I would have planted...but I adore them, so they stay.

Don't hold you breath for me changing my personal color scheme, though...unless you think blue is your hue...

1 comment:

Holly said...

I am wild about any color. Will try them all, and will admit that some just aren't meant for me.

One of the things that was an unexpected pleasure about allowing my hair to be the silver it is instead of coloring it what is was, is that I can now wear colors that looked AWFUL on me when my hair was dark. Colors like lime green and yellow. Now they can be worn and people don't ask, "Oh, are you feeling poorly?"

However, I still can NOT wear pink, and to be honest I don't like it so it's not that big a sacrifice.

Your volunteer lilies are lovely. Much like you...blue or not.