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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Someone was gone for nine days. I didn't get a lot done because one parent, two kids? not conducive to online productivity.
Sprout has a tooth, in case I haven't mentioned. Just one, but it's a mighty tooth.
I am doing battle with a raging case of the beiges. Since it hasn't managed to off me yet, I am winning. Baby love and Little Dude love are good stuff and help immensely.
AT&T charges an extra fee for paying at the store with cash. Using a credit card is free. I call bullshit!
I owe the bank a pantload of money (made a mistake, got overdrawn, whoopsie) so I have to use cash until I can pay back what I owe in fees and whatnot. Guess I'll have to suck up AT&T's little love bite. Sigh.
Sprout refuses to eat baby food. Baby food is for chumps with no tooth, she claims. She has a tooth, therefor she demands steak and lobster tail...or at least chunks of stuff she can pick up her own self. Corned been, loaded potato soup, helpless fruits and veggies that didn't flee fast enough...all fodder for the Mighty Toof!
There's been some bullying going on in the neighborhood. Little Dude is the prime target. The parents and I are working on it...peacefully. Little Dude is philosophical about it all, mostly, I think, because I am backing him all the way and he sees me working with the parents of the other boy. We'll see how this goes...I'm hoping for a positive outcome.
Spout has also decided that napping is for chumps. Sigh. I'm trying to convince her otherwise. Losing battle.
What's happening in your world?

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Ellen said...

Good to hear you're winning.

My daughter's first solid food was ham, immediately followed by Kung Pao Chicken. She's a strange girl.