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Friday, August 26, 2011

Good Night, Irene

There's a storm a-comin'.

Meet Irene:

She's a beauty, big, bold, sassy, and ful of spunk. She's eyeballing the eastern US as a likely vacation spot, a popular choice as summer draws to a close. She's had a long journey, so it's no wonder she'd like to linger along the easterm seaboard.

It seems she's not terribly welcome, though - folks are abandoning the coast in droves. I guess they aren't interested in the kind of fireworks she's bringing with her. Huh.

We here in Redneck Central won't get much, if anything, of Iren's party - she isn't interested in our boring inland burgh. She want surf 'n' turf, man. We may get some rain, if we're lucky, but not much else.

If you're in the storm's area of influence, I hope you weather it well...and I'm wondering - will you stay or get out of Dodge??


Bustednuckles said...

Bloomberg just ordered a mandatory evacuation of low lying areas around NYC. That includes two airports and they are shutting down all mass transit.
Get out now or I see another Katrina.

God help 'em.

SHARON said...

I'm staying put here in PA. We've battened down the hatches, and, are hanging out.

Kyddryn said...

Hey, Busted, I'm honored to see you over here in my wee corner of Blogopolis! Irene's been downgraded to a Cat 2, but that could change. I have family up on Martha's Vineyard...the nice thing about this storm is that old Popsicle Lips had to cut short his vacation...so it's an ill wind (or hurricane) that blows no good...

Sharon, I'll be wishing you good luck, then. I've weathered one or two of these little blows myself...when I was a kid, and it was an adventure. Probably would again, but that's my bent - I tend to shake my fist at the sky rather than duck and cover. I never said I was smart.

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

stayin'. me, myself and Irene :)