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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I Learned in the Last Few Days

One of the feral cats isn't a "she", after all, but rather a "he". Huh.

Jackson EMC is full of the awesome and has the best customer assistance personnel (Utility Company) ever.

There is a reason I will drive straight past two other supermarkets to shop at Publix. Their pharmacy folks are part of that reason. I heart my Publix Pharmacy. They don't know who I am, online, and haven't asked me to plug 'em - they're just that terrific.

There's a church in New Orleans wherein the dedicants worship their own beards. They meet in a bar. I wonder...if someone has a prosthetic beard, are they worshiping a false god??

The first round of tests came back from the amnio and are normal. Second round results in a week or so.

The baby is, without a doubt, a girl...unless the genetic testing is wrong. There is joy in Mudville, and the Evil Genius said he was OK with it, too...he can still teach her things.

Bees do no care for lawn mowers.

Especially when said mowers park on the entrance to their below-ground hive.

Things that sound drastic and expensive to fix on Rosie the Mule (my beloved Astro van) aren't always drastic and expensive to fix. Whew.

I don't bounce back as well as I used to from long weekends and nights with short sleep.

How've you been?


Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

There was never a doubt that she was a Sheee-Raaaah!

the cat threw me for a loop though...woulda thunk it?

Rest up and take care of that darlin' chickpea


HermitJim said...

Best thing is that everyone is healthy at this point, right?

I'm sure that baby sister will learn all the right stuff from the EG when the time comes!

You just continue to take care of yourself, my friend!

Susan said...

YYYAAAAAYYYYYYYYY for a healthy baby girl!!!