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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Thoughtfetti (with photos!)

The kids and I were at an event in Florida in March.  While there, we became acquainted with a tree that the chidren dubbed 'The Coolest Tree in the World!" TM, Patent pending.

It's an oak that was knocked over some years ago in a hurricane.  Despite having been laid low, it continues to grow.

I like this tree.


 I'd like to dye my hair again.  Last year, K2 bought a box of this and we did my hair without bleaching it, and I liked the results.  I'm thinking of doing it again.  Heck, there are still faint traces of last year's blueing in my hair!  Maybe in June.
Proof that I do, indeed, like dogs:

This is Sonny Brown.  He's an agility champion.  He has the magic ability to know there's a biscuit within begging range, and he has sense enough to know who the warmest person in the room is and come sit with her when it's chilly outside.  I'm not usually fond of small dogs, but Sonny is one of the exceptions.  He likes me even though I rarely have a biscuit to share.
Our one remaining female feral cat, Twoer, had kittens.  She had four but one didn't make it past the third day, poor wee thing.  The other three sausages are thriving.

There are few ills that can't be at least mitigated by a kitten cuddle puddle.

 The Evil Genius claimed the right to name this one, and he named it Hamster.
 Lort, the cute!  Sprout has named the black one (which also has white on its not-visible-in-the-photo tummy) Sausage.  The tabby has a name in the works - I offered Someone the option to name and he's mulling.
I have long enjoyed an Asian cucumber salad that K2 makes.  Seriously, for years.  I only just asked her for the recipe so I could make it at home.  Slow, me, but I get there eventually.  Lort, but I like these cukes!

Despite feeling a little chilly here at Casa de Crazy at the moment, things are growing, blooming, and ripening.  The blueberries are teasing me - they take on a slightly blue hue and then...sit there.  They know I'm waiting.  I know they're torturing me.  Every year, it's our thing.  Soon, delicious berries...soon...

How're you doing?