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Sunday, August 30, 2015


I worked at the track this weekend.  My friend A watched the kids.  I appreciate her, and everything she does.  I lucked out in the friends department, for sure.  It's rare that one has so many good folks one can trust with one's children.  Sure make it easier to do the sporadic work I can do!
I read a joke yesterday.  It was bad.  Really bad.  Wrong.  Really wrong,  You know I'm about to share it here, right?

Here goes.

The person who proofread Hitler's speeches?  Really was a grammar Nazi.

Sometimes I have to share bad jokes to dislodge them from my brain.  Thank you for helping me out with that.
I wonder why so many people are so angry and fearful these days.  I don't remember it being this way even a decade ago.  I wonder if it's like the chimps that got violent when there were too many for the land to support...they went to war and killed each other off until there were few enough for the land to support again.  yeah, that's a simplification, but...worth thinking about.
I don't believe in trophy hunting.  If it's not an unavoidable threat to one's life or one's next meal, there's no reason to kill it.  A life is a life.  Why's that so difficult to understand?
I like watching the goldfish swim in the big tank.  Sometimes they hover in one place, looking for all the world like little scaled sculptures in the water, and other times they bob up and down, and yet other times that flit about the tank.

They tease the cats, too, swimming to where one of the kitties peers through the glass, and I believe they do the goldfish equivalent of thumbing their noses.
We had one sunflower grow to maturity.  It is loaded with seeds.  Sprout likes to pull the seeds out and eat them.  I'd better grab some to save for planting next year before she munches them all.
Sprout tells me there's a fellow name Hi-You who has a magic wand on his head and wings on his feet and he flies upside down...and he's responsible for all the 'narls in her hair.
I am looking forward to taking the kids camping at one of our favorite places next month.  Little pleasures...
What's on your mind these days?

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