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Monday, March 16, 2015


It's the sort of day that makes even a non-gardener like me itch to go out and plant something.  I know, patience...but oooh, I'm itching to go play!  Until I can buy some seeds and soil and get busy with pots and garden beds, I am whiling away a little time perusing various seed sources.

Casa de Crazy doesn't have a ton of planting space right now.  We have a few beds for vegetables, an Iris bed, and a strawberry patch, plus a couple of blueberry plants.  There's a nice bit of earth in front of the house that wants amending and then it'll be grand for something.  I am feeling flowerish.

I want to plant my morning glories in the usual spot to the side of the stairs so they can climb their trellises and on up the house.

I found some cornflowers that I would love to plant, and some larkspur.  Hollyhocks.  Sweet peas.  Sunflowers.  Bells of Ireland look intriguing.  Nasturtium.

There are herbs I'd love to make a bed for, and of course the many vegetables and fruits...oh, I would love to have so many things, but as the summer comes on and the sun beats down, I will not be able to go out and nurture such a garden, so I'll have to keep it small and simply sigh over the catalog pictures, dreaming dreams of growing things, of fresh vegetables and vibrant flowers and a different life.

What would you like to be growing?

Some seed sources I like:  Renee's Garden, Baker Creek, Seed Saver's Exchange, Heirloom Seeds, Victory Seeds, Sustainable Seed Company, Mary's Heirloom Seeds, and The Monticello Shop, to name a few.

Do you have a favorite seed source?


Momlady said...

I got mine from Baker's Creek and will share.

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