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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ham It Up

Last Saturday our neighbors gave us a ham. A random ham. Weird, no?

Not really. He works at the local food bank, and when they have food that is close to or just past the expiration date, they send it home with employees.

We've received pizzas larger than manhole covers, pork chops that weighed more than Sprout, and once a rib-eye that fed several of us for a month. Okay, maybe not a month...but it was huge and more than enough for three meals (I et it when Someone was away, and it lasted through dinner, breakfast, and lunch, with scraps for the outdoor cats). I am happy to receive it - with a freezer, expiration dates hold less meaning for me, and I believe expiration dates are not the definitive factor for determining food freshness anyway.

This time, a boneless ham.

I turned into into dinner on Sunday - baked ham, mashed potatoes with home grown dill, and steamed, home grown green beans.

There was a lot left over, so ham and eggs were on the breakfast menu, ham sandwiches for lunch, and...umm...am I starting to smell like pork? I think I just felt myself break out in glaze...

What do y'all do with leftover ham? And how do you feel about expiration dates?


sophiadawn said...

I think expiration dates are important for the stores because without them they would probably not pay enough attention. On the other hand, expiration dates for my own purposes are more like warning dates. Using your own senses means more. I have bought milk that was well ahead of the exp. date to find it soured and then bought milk past the exp. date and it was fine.

Just Another Doctor's Wife said...

I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can get it here: http://www.justanotherdoctorswife.com/2012/09/versatile-blogger-award.html