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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Sprout is growing and changing so quickly, it's difficult to keep up. She feeds herself quite well, now. She has definite moods. She babbles happily, and even has a few words - juice (shoose), cracker (khuhkhuh), bye-bye (buhbuh). She can sign "hungry", "more", and "all done" fairly reliably. She doesn't walk as much as she runs and she can climb - oh, Goddess, how she can climb! She has a good reach, too, and I am constantly having to move thing from tables, or move tables entirely, to keep her from getting the remotes, our phones, the hot sauce, books, and myriad other things she doesn't need, but wants anyway.

She's in an up-Mama's-butt phase right now, constantly following me around and demanding to be picked up. She loves her Papa and Big Brother, but most of the day she wants me. If I go outside to hang or take down laundry, she cries disconsolately until I come in. If I leave the room to use the bathroom or put laundry away, if I leave her sight, she wails. I never went through this with the Evil Genius - he was content to play and hang out with whomever was in the room.

The funny thing is, Sprout's just fine if I go completely away - get in the van and drive off. It's only when she knows I'm home but not in the room with her that she takes exception. Funny little monkey.

In the morning when she's just gotten up, and when she's tired or in need of some love, she will clamber into my lap, lean into me, and rest her head on my shoulder. Sometimes she will take my face in her hands and stare into my eyes before giving me a hug. She's trying to figure out how to kiss, but right now it's more of an open mouth on my should and a "bah" sound. I love it.

I often rock her to sleep in my arms. I know I shouldn't. I'm supposed to put her in her crib and let her get to sleep on her own, but I love her weight in my arms, how warm and sweet and soft she is. I love watching her eyes droop shut, hearing her breath change, feeling her relax and go limp. Soon enough she will go to bed on her own, with a hug and kiss from Mama and Papa...for now, I am okay with bucking pediatric experts' advice and holding my little girl until she drifts off.

It is almost time for her morning nap - I'll nap with her if I can, both of us nestled together, her breath on my cheek, her little hand on my arm.

Shhh...do not disturb this fleeting peaceful sweetness...

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Holly said...

You just made me cry...