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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just Hear Me Out

I am thinking about forgoing holiday decorations this year.

Trees are expensive. We have cats who view ornaments as their personal playthings, and a baby who will be eleven months old when the holidays roll over us in on us, and she's very...umm...grabby. And Put-it-in-my-mouth-y. There will be a tree and decorations at Mum's for Yule, and a tree and decorations at T's mother's house where the Evil Genius will celebrate Christmas. The Evil Genius will not miss out on sparkly wonderment just because there isn't any all up in our house. Sprout will not notice or remember - I love her and think her the cleverest Sprout ever, but right now she has the attention span/memory of a goldfish.

Half my lights, decorations, garland and bows for the outside of the house are trashed and I can't fix or replace 'em with wishful thinking. Wal Mart is so unreasonable - they actually want me to pay for that stuff. Imagine, a business wanting to make a profit - the nerve!

And, if I'm being honest? I ain't feelin' it. Usually, I have stuff started by now, if not done. Usually, I am feelin' it.

If I were to tart Casa de Crazy up to match my mood these days, I'd need an accelerant and an ignition source. Or a manure spreader.

Since I'm the one who puts up/takes down all that happy crap, I figure it'll keep until next year, or whenever I feel like dealing with it.

So general "poor me, I'm feeling sorry for myself" tuff aside, I can skip it, right? Does anyone really care??


Michelle Roebuck said...

Mine would never be "festive" at all if it weren't for my spouse's proclivities for holiday decoration. So I say skip it - if you want holiday dressing, wander the aisles of Hobby Lobby!

Bella said...

I'm not feeling it this year either and have decided that it will be just fine to not deal with it at all.

SHARON said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Skip it.

Magpie said...

Put up one string of lights around the door, and pile some ornaments in a bowl on the table. A small concession to the season. It will gladden your heart.

OKIFOLKI said...

I only ever put up a tree, no other decorations and when the children were at home we'd do it on Christmas eve. There's nothing more Christmassy to do on Christmas eve than put your tree up whilst playing Christmas music!

These days I tend to do all my Christmas shopping on Christmas eve (yes, really!) and so the tree goes up at Yule. I'm never in the mood for it before then.

Momlady said...

You can help me decorate if you so choose. I don't have much time for it but there will be the tree. After all, we'll need the log for next year, yes?

Holly said...

Sounds to me that this is the perfect season to figure out a new way of decorating that reflects the season instead of the way it's always been done.

I think when you're just not feeling it, it's time to redefine 'it'. And, I've decided over the past couple of years to really dial it back since it is just My Lion and me, but there are some things I'd truly miss if I didn't see them out for the season.

When you consider that even the longest living of us still only get a handful of the Yuletide season, I'd say it's a waste to let even one go by without feeling some part of it.

Just do what speaks to you, and as your other reader said, "Will gladden your heart."

Blessings on the new definition of 'it' and your feeling it anew!

Anonymous said...

Do what YOU want. Simple as that. :)