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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Tuesday, I dropped a can of evaporated milk on the second toe of my right foot.

It hurt.

It's turning interesting colors. I'd show you, but I can't get my camera to talk to my computer right now.

I'm walking funny because of it.

Walking funny while carrying a hold-me baby has made my foot hurt, and my ankle, and my knee, and even my hip and back.

So tonight, I took a pain pill. I don't often take them - even after the c-section, I kept the pills to a minimum. They make me feel dopey. Don't worry, it wasn't a heavy-weight one, just an Advil. I wouldn't have taken it, but I am tired in more than body and could use some sleep...not that I'm getting any, up all hours blogging...

Two hours later, my foot hurts a bit less.

Where's the pain pill for my heart, though? It's been rather hammered, lately, poor blighted thing, and could use a little relief itself...but I can't seem to find anything in the medicine chest to help with that ache.


That Janie Girl said...


Sorry for your pain. I'll be praying for you. Be at peace - and foot be healed! ;)

Momlady said...

Sorry about the toe....and your heart. Wish I could kiss them and make them better.

SHARON said...

You'd better tape that toe to your big toe. I dropped a treadmill on my second toe a few years ago and now the dumb thing is a hammer toe and needs surgery.

Susan said...

Is this the depression that you predicted would come about after Sprout's birth or is something more happening? Hearts have more nerve endings than toes...thinking of you.

Wild Cakes said...

Gentle hugs for you and your heart K...

vlad said...

Cayenne is great stuff. Improved blood circulation will help your toe to heal.


I take one teaspoon cayenne, cinnamon, honey and turmeric shaken in water at breakfast and bedtime.
No more acid reflux, and I feel good.


vlad said...


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