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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A (not so) Little PSA

I was reminded over at Magpie Musing that today is blog action day, and this year's theme is poverty. Y'all, I am broker than a politician's promise, but I can at least tell you about something that may be helpful:

If you know or know of someone who is in financial straights and could use some grocery help, you can help them out by locating an Angel Food outpost at: http://www.angelfoodministries.org/
They are a Christian organization, but they never voiced any concern over the fact that I'm (definitely) not (in any way, shape, or form) a member of the church or even Christian (not even a little bit).

They (or you, on their behalf) can order a box of groceries that includes frozen and staple foods, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, and occasionally a surprise pie or box of cookies.

It's not organic, or even highest class, but it's filling and it's about $150 worth of groceries for $35 a box, with no income restrictions or limits on ordering. The menu changes from month to month, and it's listed on their website, along with ordering and pick-up deadlines.

And no, I don't work for them...but they're good people trying to help other good people who are hit right in the wallet by uncertain times.

Y'all, I know this would have been helpful when I was a kid...I would have been saved counting the school lunch my best meal of the day, hoping there was nutritive value in the glue on the back of green stamps, unending pasta dinners, and Kool-aid sandwiches..although at least we had bread, and plenty of folks don't even have that!

Although she never let on, I am fairly sure Mum missed a meal or two-hundred so me and Big Brother could eat.

Look around you, and ask yourself if helping a family eat this month isn't worth the price of a few double-lattes. I bet it is. Even if you don't know anyone in need, find your local outpost and offer to donate the cost of a box for someone in need - I bet they know a few folks who will weep for joy at the simple gift of sustenance.


Magpie said...

Thanks - this was a good PSA - and I'm glad that you picked up the idea.

Kyddryn said...

Thanks for the inspiration.